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‘Dead’ Women Climbs From Grave

By Thomas Spychalski

A woman in China, thought to be dead, crawled out of her coffin to cook herself a meal, because apparently death makes one very hungry indeed.

Li Xiufeng, age 96, had suffered a head injury and was examined by neighbor Chen Qingwang, who believed that old woman had died:

“She didn’t get up, so I came up to wake her up. No matter how hard I pushed her and called her name, she had no reactions.

I felt something was wrong, so I tried her breath, and she has gone, but her body is still not cold.”

Li Xiufeng

So Qingwang put her in a coffin and left her there for two days before she was to be buried, in accordance with Chinese customs. However, on the day before Xiufeng was to be taken to her final resting place, Qingwang discovered that Xiufeng’s ‘corpse’ was no longer in the coffin.

“We were so terrified, and immediately asked the neighbors to come for help.” Said Qingwang.

As for Xiufeng, she described lying in a coffin as a very appetite building business:

“I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat.

I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out.”

Doctors described what happened to Xiufeng as an artificial death, where the person seems to no longer be breathing but the body itself remains warm.

However, Xiufeng no longer has any possessions due to another Chinese practice of burning the belongings of the dead.

(Via Mail Online)

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