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Amityville Murders: The US Gov Did It!

As anyone who has ever looked into the history and circumstances of the real life Amityville Horror can attest to, the subject certainly has it’s fair share of debates and differing opinion. Whether it is a debate about how many gunman killed the DeFeo family to whether the whole Lutz story was a hoax, there are small areas of the internet where this is debated fiercely on message boards…

Of course, when you bring the internet into any paranormal debate, it also means you get your cranks and nutters, be it by design or by someone being a troll, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Off the wall theory’s are also their specialty as well, and the Amityville story pulls in some doozys, from Indian Chiefs to pictures of the devil himself to linking the whole affair to the music of Pink Floyd, there are some big fish tales out in the water behind Ocean Ave.

One of these is a gentleman who showed up at the Amityville Truth Board some time ago, with a desire to share his ‘fictional’ story about how the US Government was responsible for the murder of the DeFeo family, and involves the Italian Mob and futuristic weapons.

The gentleman in question uses the handle High Tech Harassment, and he feels the United States Government has been using advanced weapons technology on us for a long time. according to his website:

“America has always had a secret government. The secret government consists of prominent and powerful American citizens. They are a think-tank that study American society and make long term decisions on which direction America society should go. They are the social architects or social engineers of America. Their decisions will shape and guide America for decades to come. They are tasked with developing a secret domestic social agenda.

The secret government controls a secret police force that that conducts domestic covert operations to implement the secret government’s domestic agenda. This secret police force has since the 1960’s been implementing a pro-desegregation, anti-mentally ill, and anti-organized crime and anti-gang agenda. The secret government and domestic American secret police force has liberalized greatly since the late 1960’s, gone are the past segregationists that once controlled the direction of American society. They are now multi-cultural and have a score to settle with white society. They are currently attempting to correct past discrimination against minorities by discriminating against white society.

The secret police force has been given access to classified surveillance, harassment, and directed energy weapons technology. They also have unlimited funding to implement the secret government’s domestic agenda.

On the subject of the Amityville case, namely the murder of six of the DeFeo family in 1974  by Ronald DeFeo Jr, High Tech maintains that the DeFeo family fell under a Gov plot as told in the ‘fiction’ he posted on the Amity Truth Board:

“The DeFeo family has been under surveillance by a secret element of the United States government in their home for over a year. Every aspect of the DeFeo family life has been learned. Agents of the secret government secured a house in 1973 directly neighboring the DeFeo family and began a covert surveillance operation of the family. The DeFeo family is completely unaware of the surveillance. The DeFeo family business has also been under complete surveillance. The DeFeo family has been targeted because of their involvement in organized crime.

An assignation plot has been developed to murder six of the DeFeo family members and make Ronald DeFeo Jr., a.k.a “Butch”, the patsy. Butch’s alcohol and drug abuse and mental instability make him the perfect patsy. No one would ever doubt Butch’s guilt.

It’s November 13, 1974 at 1am in the morning. Eight men assemble in a location on the opposite side of the Amityville River to Ocean Avenue. The men prepare for their mission by changing into black clothing that will make them very difficult to spot in the darkness of the night. All the men are wearing gloves and are armed with handguns.

Mugshot taken of Ronald DeFeo, Jr., taken foll...

Agents in the surveillance house acknowledge the strike team and direct them to standby. The agents use the classified surveillance technology that can electronically see and hear through walls of the DeFeo family house to verify that Ronald Sr., Louise, Dawn, Allison, Mark, and John are soundly asleep in their designated bedrooms. Butch is out for a night of drinking and abusing drugs.

The location of the Butch’s rifle is also verified with the classified surveillance technology. Metal objects can also be detected through walls with this technology. The location of the rifle is in the closet exactly where expected.

This classified surveillance technology is also used to look into the other houses neighboring the DeFeo household. This is done to ensure their occupants are asleep thereby guaranteeing no accidental witnesses. The classified technology can see the body heat of anyone standing outside nearby the DeFeo house.

One of the men picks the lock on the front door to gain entrance. Each of the six men has been assigned one members of the DeFeo family. The seventh man is responsible for obtaining Butch’s rifle and will be the executioner. The six men make their way to their designated targets. Two men wait outside Ronald Sr.’s and Louise’s bedroom, one man stands outside Dawn’s bedroom, one man stands outside Allison’s bedroom and two stand outside Mark’s and John’s bedroom. The six members of the strike team armed with drawn handguns wait for the verbal signal from the seventh man.

All six members of the DeFeo family are now dead. The seventh man then proceeds to Butch’s bedroom. He places the rifle on Butch’s bed and makes his way downstairs to meet the rest of his assembled team members. One team member uses his secure communication device to indicate mission accomplished and awaiting exit command.

One hour later Butch arrives home drunk and high on drugs. He opens the door and senses something is wrong. He checks on his parent’s bedroom and finds the carnage. He then races to the bedrooms of his other family members and finds them all dead.

Butch fearing he is being setup for the murder of his family members panics and develops a plan to protect himself. Butch runs outside and throws his rifle into the river. He then proceeds to clean the crime scene. Fearing crime scene photos will be taken and made public he places blankets over the two women of the family to protect their dignity. He then cleans the headboard of Dawn’s bed.

The agents then make themselves available to reporters to assist in getting the dirt about Ronald DeFeo Jr. made public.

Ronald Jr. is later arrested, charged, convicted, and sentenced to six life sentences.

Thirteen months after the murders the Lutz family buys the DeFeo house and moves in. The agents of the secret government of the United States are waiting for them…

Is this plausible?”

Of course the poster claims the above to be fiction but certainly his website expresses the fact that he believes such scenarios are possible. Could it be that he does believe this is how the DeFeo murders went down and peddles his story as fiction to feel safe talking about it out in the open?

What do you think, is he on to something or is this the work of a disturbed mind or some kind of hoax?

High Tech also posted a you Tube video with a similar theory, trying to spread the word about his take on that November night in 1974:

The whole idea about the Gov being involved in the DeFeo murders is the stuff of make believe, but it makes an interesting side trek into the world of Amityville, which never seem to be pushed out of the spot light completely.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Amityville Truth Board)

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4 responses

  1. Shauntel Marshall

    Sounds stupid and makes no sense.

    January 6, 2014 at 8:47 PM

    • I agree but it is interesting how insane some theory’s out there can be…thanks for reading and commenting! :-)

      January 9, 2014 at 2:46 AM

  2. I think that story is way out there and pretty crazy!

    June 14, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    • Yes, VERY out there, that is why I just had to post it lol! :)

      June 15, 2014 at 2:25 AM

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