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UFO Seen in Rap Video?

A strange light appears during the filming of a rap video for the song Everyday in San Diego, California.

During filming, something that is certainly not an ‘everyday’ occurrence happened, the capturing of a bright flash across the sky.

Is it a UFO or a hoax?

‘CRhymes’ was just minding his own business, filming his music video in East Sand Diego in California  when aliens decided to buzz the shoot, perhaps looking for a cameo in the hip hop video.

However, there is something there, a bright flash of light that appears and disappears rapidly above the actors in the video. Some have compared this flash to the infamous Phoenix Lights, while others have said it is more likely to be lens flare then extraterrestrial in origin.

Many theories concerning this one have been thrown out, from rockets to power lines to various forms of reflection. The best of the bunch is lens flare caused by the cell phone of the gentleman directly behind CRhymes. His phone ‘shines’ at the exact same instant the flash appears in the air, as observed by You Tube commenter wehaveyourpants:

Meanwhile CRhymes, who’s real name is Cesar Tellez, says that not only does he believe the flash is a UFO, but he also does not buy the theories of a military rocket or a power line, preferring the more paranormal explanation:

“I didn’t notice it until I was doing post-production, but there is a strange flash in the sky.

I know there”s no power lines back there, I know there’s no military bases shooting off rockets.”

Tellez also denies this being any kind of publicity stunt or hoax to promote his hip hop career:

“I believe in UFOs, but I wasn’t deep into it.

Now I can see myself diving into it more, but I wasn’t doing this for publicity.”

(Via Huffington Post)

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2 responses

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      April 4, 2012 at 2:52 AM

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