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Optical Illusion “Busts” Bloody Mary Game

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Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary..Bloody Mary…

That is the incantation that you are supposed to chant in front of a mirror if you want Bloody Mary to appear. It has been the highlight of many a Halloween party and children’s sleepover for decades.

However, before you summon Mary in all her variations or test your belief in the Bell Witch by saying an incantation in front of a mirror, science has to say a couple words on the matter and invites you to take a little visual test as well to prove it’s point.


Virtual Reality ‘Ghost Tours’ Haunt Mobile Devices

Viking-Ghost-Hunt haunted planet virtual game screenshot weird app strange

By Thomas Spychalski

Have you ever noticed that as interesting most ghost tours are, even just for history and information purposes, it is never as fun as it could be if some ghosts showed up?

To solve this possible void, a game company called Haunted Planet Studios uses mobile devices and GPS technology to make your next historical experience a bit more creepy.



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