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Haunting Tales: Texas Poltergeist Ranch

three partners ranch house haunted texas hill country 1995 unsolved mysterys

The Haunted Texas Ranch House

The first of many Haunting Tales comes from an old Unsolved Mysteries episode from the late nineties.

It tells the story of a apparent Poltergeist type haunting in the brush lands of Texas at the Three Partners Ranch, a three thousand acre piece of land in Central Texas. There, a very loud spirit would bang on the walls and pound across the floor as it stalked the halls of the ranch three men had bought as a business venture.


‘Ghost’ Plays Loud Music, Throws Beer Cans

'Haunted' House in Hull

Recently I wrote a post that described a wife abuser who blamed bruises as well as the marks on his wife’s neck on a ghost. At the time, I thought that news items where people on the wrong side of the law blamed the paranormal for their crimes would be few and far between.

That was before I read about twenty year old Leanne Fennell of East Yorkshire in the UK, who blames the resident ghost in her Hull house for her numerous noise and littering violations.


Real Fear Reveals Truth of Amityville/Poltergeist Films

Christopher Lutz was just seven years old when he lived in the house at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, and now he wants to tell his side of what really happened in the house that became the basis for the film The Amityville Horror…

Lucille Herrmann was also pretty young at just 13 years of age when the ‘Popper’ poltergeist changed her family’s life forever in 1958, a story later to be made into the film Poltergeist in 1982…



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