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Dog Ghost Hunter Sniffs Out the Paranormal?

glimmer 2

I love dogs, they are amazing creatures that at certain times of my life have been among my best friends.

Dogs have also been trained to do wonderful tasks such as leading the blind, sniffing out bombs and drugs and watching out for our dwellings while we are away, protecting the property from intruders.

But what about a dog who is being trained to sniff out ghosts and other paranormal activity?

Holly Goddard believes it is possible and thinks her dog Glimmer might be the world’s first ghost seeking pooch.


Ghosts ‘Talk’ at Haunted Pub

cathy Richards of The Plough Inn, Prestbury

Cathy Richards

The Plough Pub in the Village of Prestbury in Cheltenham, England has become a place where the spirits are not just in the wine and lager.

Pub owner Cathy Richards claims that she has multiple ghosts haunting The Plough and she called in a psychic medium to find out just who was staying at her establishment past closing time.


Pub Going Ghost Smokes/Pinches Bottoms

pub ghosts queens arms pinch grop

When you think about ghosts you usually think about cliche manifestations such as cold spots, phantom footsteps and unearthly voices.

But how about a ghost that would rather smoke and pinch bottoms then rattle chains and open doors?

The Queens Arms pub, in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, has just this sort of spectral patron.



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