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Five Weird Uses For Coca-Cola

By Thomas Spychalski

You know that Coca-Cola will ruin your teeth one day, you know that it is the most popular brand in the entire world and you know it tastes damn good.

But did you know you could distract insects with it or use it to clean grout?

It may not have all the uses it once did since the actual cocaine was taken out, but The Huffington Post reported five things that you may not have thought of using a beverage for.

Compost Helper
A flat bottle of Coke can come in handy if you’re into composting. Simply pour the soda over the pile. Coke’s mildly acidic nature will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process.

Stomach Relief
Take this with a grain of salt — or really, a sip of Coke. There’s an old wive’s tale that Coca-Cola can relieve a stomach ache due to the soda’s carbonation. Hey, it’s worked for me…

Kitchen Cleaner
If your kitchen counters, stove or microwave get a little greasy after a marathon cooking session take out the coke can. Pour a little bit of the soda onto a sponge and wipe the counter down. Coke acts like a degreaser. Just make sure you wipe the counter down a second time with water; this way the counter will not be sticky.

Insect Distractor
We all know that bugs go crazy for sweet things — let’s use that knowledge to our advantage. If you’re having a barbeque, leave a small cup of coke on the ground a few feet away from your patio. The scent will get the attention of all the little critters and drawing them to the soda instead of your picnic table.

Grout Cleaner
If the tile grout on your bathroom floor is looking a little…interesting…reach for a can of Coke. The acid in the soda combined with the carbonation packs a 1-2 punch against ground-in dirt. Simply pour over the tile, let sit for a few minutes, then clean the floor as usual.

Coke is it!

(Via Huffington Post)


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