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Edible Candy ‘Pipe’ Causes Uproar

By Thomas Spychalski

Remember being a little kid and loving suckers, lollipops and hard candy’s?

Well now you don’t have to leave the sweets behind when you enter those difficult teen years and start toking as Atak International Trade INC has created the Lollipipe, the worlds first edible pipe.

The company’s website describes the confectionery product as a fully working pipe in the site’s FAQ:

“What is Lollipipe Candy?

The lollipipe is the [first lollipop pipe] candy in the world. The Lollipipe is 100% edible, disposable, and smokable candy pipe.

Does the Lollipipe really work?

Yes! It is 100% edible hard candy and fully funtional smoking pipe.

Will the Lollipipe melt from direct contact with fire?

It can withstand the heat from a single flame for several seconds before it starts to melt, but once it reacts with cold air again it reverts back to its hard candy form.

Does the Lollipipe get sticky?

Contact with moisture will cause it to get sticky. To aviod getting moisture on the Lollipipe from your hands or fingers, hold it from its plastic band. Also avoid moisture from your lips by using the toke-tube.

How long does the Lollipipe last?

The Lollipipe can last as long as you do not eat! We have customers sharing that they used it for months before eating it. “

But despite the gains made in fossil fuel conservation by pot smokers never having to run to the 7-11 to get nachos when the munchies strike, some officials in the township of Brownstown Michigan are less then pleased, including Brownstown Deputy Police Chief Robert Matthews:

“It’s advertised as a candy item, which is selected towards a younger group, and it’s labeled right on the item that you can smoke substances through it and that flames will not melt the product. So, it has the potential for abuse.”

The police became involved when there was a citizen compliant about the pipes being on sale in a local gas station. After an officer went to the store to investigate and explain the concerned citizens issue with the candy item, the store owner removed the item from the store’s shelves.

Despite this setback in one physical retail location, the Lollipipe is available online.

Atak International also has plans to open up their own retail store in San Francisco area in the near future.

While eager Brownstown Michigan pot smokers must think that the townships crackdown on the controversial item really must suck, they must remember that you can’t always have your candy and smoke it too.

(Via Fox Detroit)


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