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Naked Doctor Who Fans on Twitter? (Updated)

By Thomas Spychalski

The BBC television series Doctor Who has become a cultural icon around the world and more and more proof of it’s expanding reach can be found with how it has spread out online.

The show, which was originally broadcast way back in 1963 has a cult following of rabid fans that literally live and breathe the show, especially after it’s return to our television screen in 2005.

But like all icons, you know it has really hit the big time when the show finds its way into the stranger parts of modern culture, such as what appears to be a ploy to lure male Doctor Who fans onto a pornographic website to see naked female Doctor Who fans.

No seriously.

It all revolves around the Twitter account of “@RogueCyberman”, who seems to have a keen and special interest in photography. The rundown of events is best expressed by UK science fiction mag SFX, who published this excellent timeline:

30 December 2011: A user called @RogueCyberman joins Twitter, and starts following lots of Doctor Who fans. His posts are perfectly innocent – talking about what old Who stories he’s watching, and so on.

4 January 2012: A new website – (we won’t link to it, as that would increase its hits) – is registered with WhoIsGuard. WhoIs is a site which allows you to find out who’s the registered owner of a website, and view their contact details. WhoIsGuard is a service that protects site owners’ details by acting as a middle man. There are perfectly sensible, legitimate reasons to use WhoIsGuard – you might be fearful that your admin email will be inundated with spam, for example. But it’s also useful for those who wish to hide themselves.

14 January: A user called @TimeGirlKatie describing themselves as an “18-year-old Doctor Who fan” joins Twitter.

19 January: @RogueCyberman posts his introductory blog. But very quickly – by the third post – the website veers into rather different territory…

23 January: @RogueCyberman starts a Twitter conversation with @TimeGirlKatie. She explains she’s been propositioned by a photographer in a club. @RogueCyberman advises caution, because he is himself a photographer – a happy coincidence. @TimeGirlKatie asks if he could take photos of her. He agrees.

24 January: The next day, @RogueCyberman posts photos of Katie on his site. The first few are pretty innocent. More follow of Katie in her bra. More increasingly saucy photos follow.

31 January: Doctor Who fan @geoffreytucker1 becomes suspicious and does a little Google image searching. He finds photos which would appear to feature the same girl on an escort site. He tries to alert other followers to this fact. We will not link to the escort site here, as we do not wish to increase its traffic.

But the story does not end there.

RogueCyberman continues to claim innocence, saying that some pilfering soul took his original pics of the young ladies and placed them onto the escort site. However, it is also discovered that there are even more pics of the same ladies in different poses and outfits then on RogueCyberman’s blog on the escort site, which means either these are very busy models or RogueCyberman is lying.

This is NOT who you are looking at fellas!

Also, there seem to be multiple Twitter accounts involved in this (Excuse the pun Who fans) lame excuse at cyber-sex.These tweets are probably all originating from the same place as  RogueCyberman’s and the reason is simple. It is not world domination, not drilling to the Earth’s core and it has nothing to do with the Weeping Angel‘s, the Ood or (god help us) The Chumblies.

It’s about money.

You see, in able to view some of the pics on RogueCyberman’s blog, all you have to do is just go there and take a look, but if you want to see the more naughty and adult only content, you have to go to a “members area” which according to the blog is so “kids don’t see it”.

In reality, the real reason is in able to access the content you have to enter credit card data to prove your age in a tool called SexKey. After they have acquired, you will finally be able to see a girl who loves the Sylvestor McCoy era as much as you in full nudity.

Sadly, besides the fact that most likely the only ‘doctor who’ these ladies know of is the kindly unknown doc who takes away their VD issues, entering your credit card data will also give you a temporary membership at, which expires in three days.

As the blog/sites webmasters do not go out of their way to inform you of this important stipulation, most likely most people who enter their personal financial data are more then likely going to never notice they now have a account and be charged the monthly $39.95 a month fee for the privilege. For people that never check their accounts regularly, this could add up fast.

Not Her Either!

One of the staff of SFX magazine confronted RogueCyberman about these issues, including asking if one of the sexy female Whovians could hold up a sign with their Twitter name on it so we all know they are who they say they are and whether or not RogueCyberman intends to make his followers and blog visitors more aware of the memberships they get when they sign up to see the models.

The response was “Thanks for the Traffic!” and a lame excuse that no pro model is going to want to hold up some silly sign to prove she is real as they are pros (THIS we believe).

So the next time your find yourself with sex on the brain after watching the Myrka do it’s thing in Warriors of the Deep, remember that a lot of places on the internet devoted to exterminating your sexual yearnings might also exterminate the funds in your bank account as well.

Update March 2013:

After this article and others like it were posted and threads went up around the Doctor Who community (he even has a website devoted to his extermination) about Rogue Cyberman and his sexy fan girls, all seemed to be at peace in the world.

However, now the accused sex dealing Cyberman is attempting to convert his domain name and Twitter account into cash, along with every Doctor Who fans wet dream: Seven “missing episodes” of Doctor Who.

If you have no idea why Doctor Who would have episodes to be missing, I will be very brief: In the sixties and seventies, before the age of DVD, Netflix and streaming video content, the BBC would routinely wipe the tapes the shows were originally transmitted from due to the price of the video tape. In a similar move related to costs, the Beeb would also burn prints of shows in the BBC’s storage that were no longer deemed viable for sale.

(The above is a VERY loose explanation of Doctor Who’s missing episodes. If you want to know more, try here, here and also here.)

In any instance the fact of the matter is that he most likely has no missing episodes and is just trying to mix a little money making with some old fashion internet trolling as well.

rogue cyberman website capture for sale

Although missing episodes have been found, including recently, for a fan to have access to one let alone seven is absurd but that is what he is claiming:

“As I mentioned earlier on Twitter. I am selling this blog and all that goes with it.

Here is what is up for grabs.

1. domain name.
2. Twitter account.
3. Seven previously missing Doctor Who episodes on DVD.

The domain name currently brings in over 2,000 unique visitors a day. The Twitter account has around 5,000 followers. The seven previously missing Doctor Who episodes on DVD were transferred professionally from a private collector’s 16mm film collection.

Everything is available for inspection and verification upon request.

I will not split the items.

If you want to inspect and verify any of the items above please contact me in the first instance on I am happy to set a meeting where the necessary procedures for inspection and verification can be carried out in a safe and secure environment such as a solicitor’s office or similar. Clearly, given the value of the items, particularly the missing episodes, I will only meet in a safe and secure environment. I am happy to travel to any location in the UK once a suitable meeting place has been agreed upon and verified.

The price for this collection of items is available on request via email.”

At the very least, this is a odd tale that appeals to three of my interests: Weird news items, story’s about scams (better to be informed then duped) and Doctor Who…I just love when truth is stranger then fiction, don’t you?

If you want tot read more about this Rogue Cyberman’s actions, click here.

(Via SFX)


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