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Ghosts Haunt Irish Pub

Kells Irish pub was once the site of a mortuary in the early 1900’s and has become one of the most well known haunted locations in Seattle.

The ghosts here have caused mirrors and bar glasses to break, pulled plaster right down from the walls and ceiling and have even appeared at the bar for a drink to lift their spirits.

Kells Pub was originally E.R. Butterworth and Sons, a mortuary that was the final stop for both the rich and the poor of the Seattle area in the early twentieth century. Butterworth had gotten  into the mortuary game after his previous business, a furniture store, had started to sell coffins, which became a profit maker during an outbreak of  diphtheria.

It has been rumored that some of the dead taken to E.R. Butterworth’s were patients of Doctor Linda Hazard, who believed she could use starvation as a treatment for disease.

The Outside of the Building Stills Shows Signs of it's past.


by 1923, E.R. Butterworth and Sons needed to move to a bigger location, leaving the former site near the young Pike Place Market at 1916 Post Alley for better accommodations elsewhere in the city.

But if the stories are correct, when Butterworth packed up and moved, he forgot to take some items with him. Like the ghosts of possible former ‘clients’.

Karen McAleese, a family member of the current owners of the pub, says that one forgotten gentleman appeared to her besides the bar:

“He was a tall man who looked like he was part black, with a suit jacket on.

He had very thin hands. He walked to the end of the bar and just kind of faded.”

The bar is right where the crematorium and embalming area used to be at E.R. Butterworth’s.

Patrick McAleese, the bar’s current owner also reported when he was a kid and his parents owned the bar, he once saw a mirror break from out of nowhere. Amazingly all of the shattered glass ended up in a neat pile.

“You think someone must be pulling your leg,” McAleese said. “But then you don’t see anyone.”

Deutsch: Pike Place Markt in Seattle English: ...

Pike Place Market in Seattle

Various businesses in the building from bead shops to restaurants have told of not only  odd feelings in the building but also poltergeist activity with objects being moved around. There was even one report of ghostly shoes occupying a bathroom stall before fading away before a witnesses eyes.

The paranormal television series Ghost Adventures has also visited the pub and claimed to have gotten a pic of a disfigured child sitting on a flight of stairs at the location:

So if you are in Seattle and in the mood for some fun with wine and ‘spirits’ stop by Kells Pub.

Just Don’t sit to close to anything hung on the walls.

(Via Irish Central)

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