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1948 ‘Aztec’ UFO Landing: New Evidence

New Mexico 1948:

A purported crashed UFO contains the bodies of sixteen dead aliens.

The story was published in a book called: Behind the Flying Saucers by Frank Scully, which also contains three other tales of UFO crashes.

Not only is the craft itself at the crash site, but witnesses see the alien occupants as well.

Is the ‘Aztec UFO’ crash a hoax or one of many encounters between man and alien?

A new book on the subject tries to get to the bottom of the decades old mystery.

The Aliens inside the saucer were described as being 36-42 inches tall and the craft’s interior looked like it was crafted using a framework of grooves and pins. They gained entry to the interior by placing a metal pole into a hole on the exterior of the alien spaceship.

Frank Scully

All of these events were told to Scully by a mysterious ‘Dr. Gee’ and one Silas Newton, although Scully would claim Dr. Gee was a mash up of several sources of information.

True Magazine would later write up the whole Aztec UFO crash as a hoax in 1952. Reporter J.P. Cahn claimed that both Silas Newtewn and Dr. Gee (Who’s real name was Leo GeBauer according to the True article) conned Frank Scully into believing his UFO crash story.

Now a new book looks into the Aztec incident from the angle that the crash was not a hoax.

The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon, by Scott and Suzanne Ramsey intends to show through documentation and various eyewitness accounts the validity of the crash.

According to the book, the US Military stepped in and took the craft shortly after it crashed, including the bodies and instructed the witnesses to be quiet about what they saw. Ramsey believes the massive cover up needed to keep something like this under was easy to do in the late forties right near the start of the Cold War:

“It was right after World War II and was the early period of the Cold War. Our military wasn’t just good back then, it was excellent.

The presence of UFOs was regarded as higher in secrecy than the H-bomb, and New Mexico was having a lot of problems with UFOs hovering over military sites.

It was a time in this country when our safety was first and foremost, and I think our government just wanted to protect us,” Suzanne said. “It (the cover up) wasn’t for the purpose of being secretive, it was to be protective”

Ramsey also feels that the best evidence for the crash is the eyewitness accounts of the craft who were there, which Ramsey says are very consistent considering the number of witnesses and the amount of time that has passed since the crash in 1948.

Many people had vivid recollections of both the hole on the exterior of the ship that they used to gain entrance into the craft as well as the small. childlike size of the bodies recovered from the craft:

“During our interviews of witnesses at the landing site, the accounts were consistent.

Eyewitness reports are sometimes the worst. We had to be careful, as many of the witnesses were 19 years old at the time of the incident, and by the time I got to them, they were in their 80s. It was the consistency of certain details over the years that drew my attention.”

The eyewitness accounts were what also what most impressed Frank Thayer, a a journalism professor at New Mexico State University who sometimes went on research trips with the Ramsey’s:

“The independent and coinciding stories of eyewitnesses was the one thing we didn’t have before,” Thayer said. “That’s what was so impressive to me: these individuals were real, credible people who were separated by hundreds of miles, yet they all had coinciding stories, including about being sworn to secrecy by the military.”

Ramsey also says that the new book is not trying to pull another kind of hoax on the book buying public as the book’s sole purpose is to document the event:

“We are historians, and we are not making any wild assumptions, which has previously occurred with this incident.

We never try to convince the reader. We’re providing the facts, and the reader can make his or her own decisions. If the data can’t be proven or corroborated, then we didn’t put it in the book.”

The Aztec Incident: Recovery at Hart Canyon will be released on April, 16th, 2012. A free twenty-six page preview of the book can be found here.

(Via Daily Times)

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  1. Reblogged this on Heavenfire316's UFO Tracker and commented:
    Another story of the continual governmental truth embargo concerning UFO interactions with numerous witnesses involved..

    “THEY” must really believe the majority of humanity is completely BLIND, DEAF and DUMB…

    March 31, 2012 at 10:16 AM

  2. There’s a lot of Criticism about UFO and aliens but no one can prove that they are real. A lot of videos and photos are captured but. science and technology have an explanation about this circumstance.

    June 22, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    • Much like ghosts and other paranormal activity, UFOs are a strange subject. Science has expalined away a lot of it but some cases remain that are still mysterys.

      Personally Id like to think that the size of the universe means that there is room for intelligent life somewhere in the universe.

      June 29, 2012 at 12:48 PM

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