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‘Ghost’ Plays Loud Music, Throws Beer Cans

'Haunted' House in Hull

Recently I wrote a post that described a wife abuser who blamed bruises as well as the marks on his wife’s neck on a ghost. At the time, I thought that news items where people on the wrong side of the law blamed the paranormal for their crimes would be few and far between.

That was before I read about twenty year old Leanne Fennell of East Yorkshire in the UK, who blames the resident ghost in her Hull house for her numerous noise and littering violations.

Leanne Fennell

Although Fennell was eventually evicted from the Hull Council Estate, one neighbor who did not giver her name to the press says that Fennell had stated that it was a bothersome poltergeist that made all the commotion, not her:

“She told us a poltergeist would keep switching the music on really loud when she was in bed.”

Apparently the spectral noise maker was also responsible for the large amounts of beer bottles and garbage strewn around Fennell’s house as well as the late night party’s and loud voices.

Even Fennell herself does not seem to be taking her ghost problem serious as she stated that “[The media] sed I blaimed it on a f*kin ghost,” on her Facebook account.

In addition to being removed from the house, Fennell had four TVs, four DVD players and one CD player confiscated, had to pay £370 in fines as well as repaying the costs of £500 to the Hull council.

Although no new reports of paranormal activity have been reported since Fennell and her poltergeist were kicked out, neighbors are surely sleeping better at night without any bass ‘bumps’ in the night.

(Via This Is)


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