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The Ghost & The Pole Dancer (Pics/Video)

We all have a certain ideal setting that comes to mind when we talk about ghosts, be it an old creepy house on a stormy night, a cemetery or a abandoned asylum.

However they always say truth is much stranger then fiction so perhaps we should not be surprised when a story arises about a haunted pole dancing studio, complete with both video and photographic evidence.

The Gypsy Rose Exotic Studio in Boston is owned by Wendy Reardon, who claims that spirits have come to see her students dance around a pole in skimpy attire. Since then, her videos and pics of the mysterious orbs have made the rounds on television, being featured on both Montel Williams and Maury Povich.

All of this hoopla over the apparitions started after Reardon informed the Boston Herald that she would be telling her story to the paranormal TV show My Ghost Story.

Readrdon states that although the ghost might be a bit cheeky, they appear in the studio all the time:

“I’ve got hundreds of clips of whatever they are and it’s not just me, they dance and swirl around my students too. Lots of clients that have taken video in my studio at their bachelorette or birthday parties or even classes, and get some pretty neat footage of them.”

When asked for an explanation as to why the ghostly orbs have decided to visit her dance studio, Reardon claims that it is just the good vibes anybody might get when watching scantily clad women pole dance:

“I think it’s the positive energy in the studio that attracts them, well, that and watching sexy women pole dancing. Buncha pervs!”

Perverted ghosts or no, I would be quick to explain this away as bugs and/or dust lit up by the various lighting and effects we see in the videos. These kinds of photos have been around for ages and show how something perfectly normal can be turned into the paranormal in a photo or a video with a little imagination.

In this first video, it looks as though it could even just be a reflection of light, as the light seems to change size as it goes across the wall in the same manner that a flashlight’s beam might if you stood in one place and swept the light across the walls and ceiling of the room (I also have to applaud Reardon’s musical choice here, Thriller is quite appropriate):

At the end of the above video and in this one below, it seems as though the orb flies right towards the camera and although this makes her story a bit more convincing, my eyes tell me that the flight pattern looks quite similar to a bug:

The picture on the right of this text is a screen capture from the You Tube video above as the orb moves directly in front of the camera. To my eyes, it looks like the bottom half would be the body of the flying insect while the more transparent top portion of the object would be the wings.

Although I can make no claim to really KNOWING that these are bugs or dust rather then spirit orbs, I can make a good guess that the objects pictured here are most likely more mundane then extraordinary.

What do you guys think? Are these ghostly perverts looking to see one last glimpse of human flesh? Dust? Or bugs? Let us know in the comments below.



6 responses

  1. dancingpopes

    Hi, it’s Wendy from the article.

    I understand you want to debunk the videos, but…I’m tellin’ ya…they aren’t reflections of lights hitting anything, they’re not bugs…I don’t know WHAT they are, but if you want to email me I’d be happy to send you more clips, some from my iPhone and some from a Panasonic video recorder.

    Whatever they are they’re invisible to the naked eye but cameras pick them up. Believe me, you don’t get on Montel twice or My Ghost Story on the Bio channel with bugs and reflections!

    Nor would I even dream of showing anyone any of the clips –especially publicly–if I thought they could be explained rationally. And I DON’T think everything I get in camera is an orb. If it doesn’t have a clear shape and goes straight down its probably dust, and I’ve SEEN dust fly by in my iPhone’s lens reflected off the camera, and sometimes they DO look like the orbs, but other times theres no way ‘dust’ can hover in a perfect circle then fly away.

    So, dunno what they are, but I love them!


    May 15, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    • Wendy:

      First of all thanks for taking the time to write.

      Let me state that I am not trying to call you out or insinuate that you are a fraud or anything of that nature. In fact, I would love to think that the phenomena that occurred in your dance studio is proof of a real haunting.

      That said, I am just going by the usual explanations for apparitions of the nature I am seeing in the videos posted online. The usual logical explanations for such things are dust or insects or in some cases flashes of lights from various sources.

      It would be great to hear more about your experiences and I would love to view any pics or videos you have, be it for publication or in private.

      I would also like to extend you the chance to tell me more about your story, again be it in private or for publication. As said, I have no desire to bash your beliefs or your story, all I am looking for is the truth.

      If you would like to chat about this out of the public eye, please email me at:


      May 15, 2012 at 10:58 PM

  2. Anonymous

    Wendy Reardon of Gypsy Rose is a [edited by site owner], or more realistically an attention-seeking CEHo…her continued attempts at attention are laughable. She is unbelievable, and how people take her seriously is beyond me.

    September 17, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    • Hello and thanks for reading!

      I have every respect for my reader’s opinions and I have approved yours, but in future, please refrain from any name calling or derogatory statements OK? 😉


      September 18, 2012 at 5:26 AM

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    • Tribe:

      That would be fine as long as you mention the source material, link back to us and are only using bits of my original content.

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