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‘Grey Lady’ Ghost Attends College

One of the main concerns in our modern society is education. The traditional thinking is that many different aspects of one’s life, from affording adequate health care to having enough food in your stomach can be affected by your level of education.

If you have enough education, you can do anything…

So it should be no surprise that a couple of female students at Otago‘s Cumberland College reported strange odors, cold spots and a dark figure on campus.

After all, a ghost has a right to an education as well doesn’t it?

It all started on May, 5th, 2012, when two health science students noticed some strange goings on while coming back onto the campus from studying. They first encountered a strange smell in the hallway, which also felt very cold.Then one of the girls spotted a strange black figure.

One of the girls’ fellow students, Mareck Church, reported the incident to the local press:

“One of the girls saw a black figure beside the fire hydrant, turned to the other girl to point it out and as they both turned round they felt a cold whoosh of air pass them.”

After the story of the black figure haunting the halls of the University got spread around the school, a “substantial number” of female students began having trouble sleeping. They began sleeping in each others rooms for peace of mind, as well as sleeping with the lights on to ward off evil spirits.

As for the origins of the ghost itself, it was rumored to be the Grey Lady, a ghostly woman from the university buildings past.

The building the girls saw the apparition in was at one time a nurses residence for the nearby Queen Mary Maternity Hospital. Legend has it that at one time the Grey Lady began to haunt a nurse who lived in that building after the Grey Lady had taken her baby away from the nurse for being an unfit mother.

Grey Ladies aside, peace was finally restored after the campus chaplain performed a blessing on the building, alongside a kaumatua. Chaplain Rev Greg Hughson said that no matter what the actual cause, he believed the young ladies had been through a “genuinely frighting experience”. He then began his blessing which he says had a very simple purpose:

“We reaffirmed God’s presence and God’s love and God’s peace and God’s power in that place and then we said the Lords Prayer together.”

Really there is not much here besides one incident with two witnesses, and really only one that actually ‘saw’ a ghost. I would love to believe that this one has some ring of truth to it but there are too many factors against it being the real deal.

As much as I truly think the original students who possibly had this experience might have felt or seen something, I think it could have also just have easily been then scaring themselves and starting to see menace in every shadow.

The hallway smelled funny to them and it felt strangely cold, just the kind of environment someone’s imagination might run a little wild in.

Mareck Church

Other students got wind of the ‘ghost’ story and scared themselves as well, probably in the same way that many people interested in the paranormal and with an open mind will be scared after reading a really good true ghost story.

To top it off it seems like the reports of this incident that I could find rely on Mareck Church’s telling of the tale, which is second hand at best and although I have no reason to cry hoax or think Mr. Church is lying, stories do change as they are told over and over.

Also, the whole Grey Lady explanation is a little odd with what information was reported. The way it reads is as if a woman who was still alive took a nurses baby due to the nurse being a bad mother. that does not explain how this woman died let alone come to haunt the nurses quarters that would later be turned in a university building.

It would make more sense if the nurse murdered the woman who took her baby, causing the murdered woman to resort to haunting her murderer. As a traditional ghost story it is pretty flimsy and those aspects that are there are pretty much cut and pasted out of a bunch of other stories of paranormal encounters.

It will be interesting to see if this Grey Lady returns to class or decides to ditch…for me, the jury is still out on this one.

(Via NZHerald)


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