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Man Blames Attempted Rape on Devil

You could also say that at times people have used the unexplained as an alibi, such as when Ronald DeFeo of Amityville fame claimed he was given the murder weapon by a dark mysterious figure and heard voices or our recent report on a wife beater who tried to blame er bruises on a ghostly visitor, excusing him of doing any wrong.

That certainly seems the case with another recent report where a Florida teen blamed his attempted rape charge on the Devil himself.

Gerome Robinson

Gerome Robinson 18, of Lake City, Florida asked a thirteen year old girl if she wanted to ‘hang out’. When the girl refused, Robinson allegedly pushed the girl into a yard and started removing all of his clothes.

The young girl was able to escape Robinson before anything happened but the best bit is yet to come.

When Robinson was being interrogated by police he told them that “the devil tried to rape her in my body.”
However, a neighbor of Robinson’s gives a possibly more accurate and down to Earth account of the reason behind Robinson placing the blame of dark forces:

“I don’t think he’s all there in the head”

We agree and unless this young man is proven mentally ill it is just another sick example of people using any excuse necessary to get out of being punished for their crimes.

(Via Huffington Post)


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