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Ke$ha Has Ghost Sex?

Today I was doing the usual, saving the Earth from aliens, watching for signs of Bigfoot in the bushes outside my window and surfing the internet, when I discovered that a common search term to get to this site was “Ghost Sex.”

I posted this neat little fact on Facebook (which I haunt like Lord Combermere’s Ghost lately) and a couple of friends commented, prompting me to use the search term myself. To my amazement, an item that fit the bill for content on NFSW was right there in front of me,  a famous pop star named Kes$ha, who had claimed to have had “Ghost Sex.”

The musical artist that is the bane of proofreaders everywhere claims to have had sex with a ghost multiple times, an act that inspired her new single ‘Supernatural.’

Here is Ke$ha describing the event in here own words:

“[The song is about my experiences] with the supernatural… but in a sexy way.

I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural.

I don’t know his name! He was a ghost!

I’m very open to it.”

The above really makes me wonder about today’s youth as well as how shallow publicity campaigns can be near Halloween.

Indeed, there have been allegations of ghostly sexual encounters in the past, such as what is believed to have occurred with Doris Blither, who’s story would later become the popular horror film The Entity.

Blither claimed to have been raped many times by the many spirits that may have haunted her home.

Earlier this year we ran a story ourselves about a woman who was followed around by a ghost after having a one night stand.

OK, I admit if “I” was a ghost…

The Urban Dictionary also has two listings for “Ghost Sex”, which you can read yourself by clicking here as they are a bit too much for this site.

Theories have made the rounds that Ke$ha could have mistaken a sexual dream for the event or been hallucinating to a degree, but I’d bet on it being a cheap transparent publicity stunt.

Not hard to see either…the album comes out in October, the single is called Supernatural..somebody should give her PR people a raise.

But in case you believe her story, here is a snippet of one of the few pop singles ever to be inspired by the paranormal.

First the awesome lyrics, then the clip:

When you take my body to the stars
I believe it
Boy this love is supernatural
Can you feel it?

Spooky…This is why the paranormal is looked at as either a joke or as a basis for cheap Paranormal TV shows.


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