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‘Ghost’ Thief Steals 5K Resume/Blouse

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You never can tell what they are going to do once they enter your lives. Cold spots, doors closing, objects tossed across the room, strange sounds like footsteps and voices…and now theft.

At least that seems to be the case for one spirit in Winder, Georgia, who haunts the home of forty year old Debbie Michelle Zamacona. The ghostly criminal reportedly made off with a resume roughly valued at five-thousand dollars and a black and blue blouse, according to a police report.

On December, 22nd, 2012, Deputy Boyd of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Department responded to Zamacona’s call concerning the theft of some items from her residence. These items included a copy of her work resume as well as a copy of her criminal history records and a blouse.

Zamacona had issues trying to put a value on the stolen documents, which were required for Deputy Boyd to make a report.When Boyd attempted to make an example of a TV in the house while explaining the need to value a stolen item, Zamacona claimed this was no help as she did not like TV and therefore had no estimates of the TV’s worth.

However, when it came to possible suspects, Zamacona had a pretty good idea who might have stolen the items. According to Boyd’s report, that where the ghost came in:

“I asked Mrs. Zamacona if she had any idea who could have taken the items and she stated she was unsure and that I would think she was crazy but she believes a ghost or spirit might have taken the items.

I asked Mrs.Zamacona why she thought a ghost or spirit might have taken her things and she stated because the ghost of her mother often visits her.

Mrs. Zamacona stated she did not think her mother`s ghost took the items but that it could have been a “black spirit”.

Mrs. Zamacona stated she sees “black spirits” from time to time around the residence and outside the residence.

Mrs. Zamacona was unsure if the “black spirits” reside in the residence orare following her.”

After this story hit the news, Mrs. Zamacona’s husband contacted the Huffington Post to inform them that he had found a duplicate copy of the apparently stolen document on a computer. He also stated that he knew nothing of a stolen blouse or that his wife had made a police report before he saw it in the news.

Mr. Zamacona also stated that his wife suffered from Bipolar disorder.

(Via Huffington Post)


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