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School Closed Due to Ghost Attack


A primary school in Bungoma County, Kenya was closed late last month after multiple girls between the ages of seven and twelve began to exhibit strange  behavior such as fainting, seizures, tics and other involuntary movements.

Parents and school officials were quick to blame what they believed to be the primary suspects: ghosts, demonic possession or witchcraft.

Two of the affected girls remained in a coma after the attacks at the school, which prompted officials to close the school indefinitely.

Some of the parents, fearing witchcraft, have decided to transfer their children to other primary schools in the area.

Not much more information out there on this one but it is intriguing.

Is it a simple case of mass hysteria, demonic possession, ghosts or witchcraft?

(Via Kenyan Daily post)


2 responses

  1. How incredibly eerie!

    January 22, 2014 at 11:20 AM

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