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Weekly Weird News -Week One


This post is part of The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Podcast features.

Each week, the podcast will feature three to five weird and exciting news items from across the world. This series of posts area supplement to the content featured on the podcast.

At the time of posting the first podcast was not yet available for listening…however, those interested in finding the podcast before this post is updated with the proper links should check The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Podcast Facebook Page, where a link to the show should be almost instantaneous from the time the show is uploaded.

United States Postal Service Tries to Deliver Seventy Year Old Letter:

A letter first mailed in 1945 to a home in Muskegon, Michigan found it’s way from the ‘dead’ mail pile where it ended up in Minnesota into the circulated mail stream nearly seventy years after it was first sent out.

USPS service delivery truck in a residential a...

The letter was sent by Sgt. Myron C. Cook to the indented recipients Mr. and Mrs. Sensabaugh, who lived on Washington Avenue in Muskegon at the original sending date.

A postal worker saved it from the dead mail pile and although the home on Washington Avenue is now empty, official have reached out to a local historian to find out if any of the Sensabaugh’s or their next of kin can be found.

More information on this story can be found here and anyone with information about these parties or the letter should contact the USPS at the email below:

Couple in Spain Have Sex Next to ATM:

A romantic and definitely impulsive couple took it upon themselves to make a deposit after making a withdrawal at an automatic teller machine in Oviedo, Spain.

The picture, which can be seen here, shows the couple locked in the act while onlookers snap pictures.

Note: This Photo is NSFW.

Las Vegas’ ‘Area 51‘ Exhibit Expands:


One of the most infamous and controversial locations in the world is Area 51 in Nevada, which has been the subject of many rumors and legends involving both captured Extraterrestrial spacecraft and aliens to being one of the most secretive American military testing facilities.

The National Atomic Testing Museum opened the exhibit Area 51: Myth or Reality in 2012 and is know adding to it’s fare, according to Museum CEO Allan Palmer:

“We’ve added some really interesting elements to the exhibit that weren’t there before — some extra artifacts, a different look and feel to make more of a definition between the myth and reality sides of the exhibit. We wanted to create the experience for the visitor of going through Area 51, first of all, just knowing what it is and getting a little bit of in-character view as you walk in, a briefing by the guards, admonishing you not to tell anybody about what’s going on and keeping it to yourself.”

Four Year Old Boy ‘Fingers’ His murderer From a past Life:

A boy in Sarkonak, Turkey has pointed out his killer in a former life, according to this report.

The boy’s mother was pregnant at the time the man he claims to have been in a past life was killed.

Since pointing out his killer, the boy has reconnected with his former wife as well as his children.

More on this story at The Epoch Times.

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(Via Huffington post/Epoch Times)


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