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CIA Admits UFO Hoax-Or Did They?


Ahhh, the CIA.

Formed to replace the OSS after World War Two ended in 1947, these are the shady guys who you can blame for everything from the JFK assassination to any secretive operations in the United States or abroad.

They are the guys that rule the suspense and thriller movie genre.

Being a 21st century kind of agency, they recently found themselves with a  Twitter account.

And while they have not released the location of Jimmy Hoffa or told anyone that Ronald Reagan was really a robot for most of his terms, they have tweeted about being responsible for the wave of UFO sightings in Norway in the 1950’s.

Or did they?

Recently the agency tweeted this, which seemed like a reasonable assumption and was picked up by numerous online sites:

Of course, this all makes sense.

The Cold War era was a time of shady goings on and much paranoia, so it not unreasonable to assume that on this score the agency is being honest and just want to let an old cat out of the bag, especially as it is not really a shocking reveal.

The tweet was made for U2 Week and well as UFO day. Which at least let’s us know that if the NSA is the top dog in unconstitutional domestic spying, the CIA have got this social media thing covered.

However, some of the other tweets the agency have made since joining Twitter in early June seem to suggest they take the account just a little less then seriously:

They also have a bunch of interesting and history worthy tweets, so it is not as if the account does not have some weight to it.

My point being that even though I would bet that some U2 missions did indeed get mistaken for UFOs over the years and that the 1950’s Norway would be a good place for such a thing to happen, they are never going to tell you the good stuff anyway.

At least not until Jimmy Hoffa gets back from that coffee run…

Discuss this news Item at Death By Posting.

-Thomas Spychalski


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