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Amityville ‘Rock’ being sold on E-Bay

amity house

E-Bay is a modern marvel in virtual shopping and a great place to sell off that unwanted junk in your attic.

However whenever we allow the population of the world to log in and put virtually anything up for sale, you will get the few weird items here and there.

One such item is a purported ‘rock’ from the infamous Amityville Horror House, which can be yours right now for about two hundred dollars with shipping…

The item has been doing the rounds for about two months now and is being sold by an E-Bay user named Nwilliambraveheart. 

amityville ebay

Information provided publicly by the seller is as follows:

“My friends and I were at the 112 Ocean Avenue home about 3 times in the late 80’s to early 90”s  On our last visit we sought a souvenir and received this flat rock from the walkway around the boathouse.  We kept it for a few years.  When I moved to another state, my friend gave me the rock to take with me.  I later moved to the DC area in 1999 where it remained packed away in the attic.

I came across this rock a few months ago and decided to get rid of it for good.  My friend and Attorney friend were with me that night. Witnesses willing to substantiate all I have said here if you want that.  Only bid on this if you really want to accept this rock and all that will come with it.  I think it will help if you’re a skeptic…you might be able to better deal with its effects.  Rock is now kept at work and ready to get rid of it and ship it out!  A Magician was really interested but couldn’t make $46.66 to $126.66 dollars appear, so now his loss is your gain!  I can get an affidavit of these accounts if you need it…let me know.”

An affidavit of what exactly? An event that only a couple of people were present at?

Of course, we here at News From the Spirit World have inquiring minds so we sent the seller a message via E-Bay and this was his reply about the details of the night the seller acquired this ‘historical item.’

The first part of the text is the message sent to the seller, followed by his response:

“Dear nwilliambraveheart,

You say there has been ill effects from this object, was wondering what has happened.

Also, you explain how you came by this item very vaguely, can you explain where the rock is actually in was it part of the house, the grounds etc etc..and how were you and your witnesses able to remove it?

Additionally, almost every owner of the property since the Lutz family has mostly shied away from publicity and visitors unless it was to debunk that the property was haunted so wondering how you manged to get this.

Thanks for your time and hope you respond…”

And his reply:

“After I took the rock down from the attic, I noticed I would hear noises from within the walls and walking around, moving and dropping things like boxes upstairs when I was downstairs, (I was the only one in the house at the times.) I would hear the same type of noises from downstairs when I was upstairs. All of this was before someone died from a drug overdose in the house. After his death I still hear these noises even more. I notice these noises increase more when I talk about the rock, the guy who died or watch anything on TV about the occult. I decided to keep the rock at work, ready to ship out. It helped for a while, but the noises seem to still come and go.

Because of recent events on the internet with relics, my Attorney advised me to be vague in my visits to the house. My friend was in and down by the Boathouse on his last visit to the house. There is a winding, slate-stone walkway to and from the main residence. On his way back towards the house he decided to take a piece from the grounds as a memento and took a stone from the walkway. He was by himself at this time. My Attorney friend and me were in front of the house while this happened. He told us what he had done when we were driving back to NYC.”

I will not mention the gentleman’s real name for privacy reasons, but this story is odd at the very least.

The man who died of a drug overdose after the Lutz family moved away from 112 Ocean Ave is true at the very least, although it is uncertain if he died in the house or in the hospital.

His name was David Roskin and was the son of  Barbara Cromarty, who along with husband Jim and their other children lived in the Horror House after the Lutz’s moved out and also later sued the prior owners of the house over false representation of facts for monetary gain.


The Cromarty Family Inside the ‘Horror House’

They also named Jay Anson in that Suit, author of the original ‘The Amityville Horror’ book based on the recollections of the Lutz family.

The Cromarty family bought the house one month before the Amityville Horror book was released in 1977 and David died in 1987, at which point the Cromarty’s sold the house to the O’Neil family.

So, with these facts in hand, we can assume the story the seller told us happened just prior to David Roskin’s death in 1987.

If you want to own this fine piece of rock, click here…the price has dropped significantly since the first listing (Although always ending in six dollars and sixty-six cents..666 get it?) so maybe if we wait we can buy it for six dollars and sixty-six cents.

(Via E-Bay)

Thomas Spychalski

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