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‘Bumps’ in the Night: Prostitutes Mistaken for Ghosts


We all know the classical signs of a haunting by a ghost: Strange noises, cold spots, feelings of dread and the occasional item thrown.

However, as some in the Zhejiang province in China recently discovered, the ghosts they encountered did not just go bump in the night but bumped, grinded and probably did many other terrifying acts not seen since the crucifix scene in The Exorcist.

Maps of Zhejiang Province of China

The Zhejiang Province of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The ‘haunted’ place in question was a warehouse in the village of  Wenzhou, where residents reported strange lights, noises and even the occasional shadowy figure inside the abandoned structure.

The location was even next to the village’s graveyard.

Eventually the villagers decided to call the authorities to go in and do some ghost busting and they discovered the ‘ghosts’ were actually the workers and clients of an illegal brothel.

The police staked out the warehouse for a few nights and observed two women entering the property every night, as well as a male suspect who would later drop off other men at the location.

In the end five people were arrested, including the suspected brains behind the operation, identified only as ‘Chen.’

No word on any ghosts being involved as clients or sex workers, but I’m willing to bet they have more respect for themselves then to do such acts in a filthy abandoned warehouse.

(Via Metro/Erie Echo)

Thomas Spychalski

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