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Birkwood Castle Destroyed By Ghosts?

birkwood castle collapse

Birkwood Castle, located  in  Lanarkshire, Scotland is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

Built in 1860, the castle became a psychiatric hospital in 1923 and was used as such until 2002. The building also had facilities for working with mentally disabled children.

Incidents reported at the location include a doctor who died of a heart attack at the hospital being spotted in a window from outside, footsteps heard down the corridors, a boy reportedly named ‘Mike’ or ‘Micheal’ riding a bike on the property as well as being the near the stairwell where he fell to his death, smells of cigar smoke and lights being turned on and off while the hospital was still in service and the ghost of one Henrik Richardson, who was said to have been stabbed in throat and died from that injury while at the location.

The castle was going to be turned into a leisure center in 2011 but that fell through.

In 2014 Birkwood Castle was featured on the television series Haunted Planet.

Recently the castle was undergoing renovations to be turned into a hotel and some apartments…that is until the ghostly residents of Birkwood decided this was not going to happen and instead destroyed Birkwood instead.

The Gothic structure collapsed during the work, which also included building cabins and other small structures around the castle itself.

Reports were called in by local residents when this occurred because the collapse was so powerful they believed it to be an explosion.

birkwood castle

According to ghost-hunter Tom Robinson, this may have been due to some unhappy ghostly tenants who did not like the idea of the work being done on the property:

“It might have been the ghosts reputedly haunting the building taking a hand in matters to prevent the work going ahead or being angry at being disturbed.”

In ghost lore, renovations or construction/demolition have often been the explanation behind increased paranormal activity. Case in point is a story we wrote about in early 2012 where demolition crews reported strange incidents while taking down a private home and even got a excellent ghost photo out of the ordeal which one of the former residents of the property claims is his dead mother. 

However, a much easier explanation is that the castle had some form of structural collapse due to the ongoing construction and revamping going on.

Since this occurred in late July of this year no further explanation is immediately available about the actual cause of the collapse, but regardless there is now one less infamous haunted structure in the world, which is sad.

Thankfully many videos and photos exist of this now destroyed historical piece of architecture.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Express)

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