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Did this ‘Haunted Puppet’ Move on Video?

haunted old man puppet

Haunted dolls and puppets are very popular in our culture.

We have the infamous Annabelle, who when not terrifying people is kept in the Warren ‘Museum,’ to that crazy creepy clown from the original Poltergeist film, these former playthings of children have become the stuff on nightmares.

It makes sense that the paranormal world would latch onto dolls at times for it’s muses because some dolls and puppets can indeed look downright creepy. There is a even a specific phobia for this fear of dolls called pediophobia and for their stringing up counterparts there is Pupaphobia.

Of course, the above phobias are a real psychological condition, while most of the legends surrounding the other haunted toys are probably only real in our imaginations.

However, a British paranormal investigator who specializes in haunted dolls says she has captured one particular puppet moving on it’s own on video.

Jayne Harris of the paranormal investigator group HD Paranormal received the ‘old man puppet’ from a man named John who acquired it after his father passed away, who apparently loved the puppet and had it for a long period of time.

The Puppet (which bares a slight resemblance to an American founding father), caused john much distress once he placed it at his bedside, including nightmares of an old man abusing him while he slept, headaches and on at least one occasion the feeling like he was being choked.

John gave the puppet to Harris to sort out…

So Harris setup a camera to watch over the Old Man at night and this is what it caught:

Now, looking at it from a practical standpoint, many things could have made the control bars of this marionette puppet move. Theories so far include fishing line, magnets and good old fashioned gravity.

Not saying it is a fake or fraud but from this video alone you cannot rule it out either.

This is also not the first haunted item Harris owns that has caused trouble and also gotten it’s name on the internet. Earlier this year a doll named ‘Peggy’ made the news, with people saying even viewing pictures or video of Peggy made them feel ill.

So what do you guys think about this one? Is it a spirit of a dead father or other entity possessing the doll, hell bent to wreck havoc? Or is it simply a case of science over science fiction?

Let us Know your thoughts.

Thomas Spychalski

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(Via Inquisitr/HD Paranormal)


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