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Ghost Pic taken at Norwich Cathedral?

norwich bishop ghost close up

Norwich Cathedral, completed in 1145 A.D. has reportedly been haunted for years and now it seems there is some photographic evidence to back up those claims.

Stories of objects moving by themselves and other paranormal activity have been observed and the cathedral is a stop on many local ghost tours.

The photo, taken by Kerry Launders, shows what looks like a figure in the traditional garb of a Bishop.

Launders insists the snap shot is genuine, not a hoax and she did not notice the spooky figure at the time the picture was taken:

“There was nothing up there [in the area where the photo was taken at the time].

But when I looked back through my photos I saw something and had a proper look and I thought ‘wow’ this is a good picture.

It looks like a bishop – and there are a lot of those buried there – with the long clothing and the tall hat.

I wasn’t scared when I saw it though because I believe in this sort of stuff.

I was just taking photos of the arch on my camera and that was that”

norwich bishop ghost 2

Although the site I got this story from claimed that one source believed the pic could just be a trick of the light (and possibly the camera depending on it’s quality), this one is not as easily explained away as many modern ghost photos.

What do you guys think?

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Express)

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