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Vampire Cat Takes ‘Bite’ Out Of Internet

vampire cat Loki

Cats and the internet.

They go together like bread and butter, milk and cereal and any internet based comment page and incessant trolling.

Now we have a cat named Loki who while not the brother of Thor and as far as I know is not a megalomaniac dictator,he does have the teeth of the un-dead.

This week, Loki has become a internet sensation, but there is an account in Japanese folklore of an actual vampire cat…

The Cat of Nabeshima was a hellish feline who murdered the concubine of the Prince of Hizen, who was part of the Nabeshima blood line of Samuri. After killing the prince’s mistress, the cat took the form of his lover, using magick to drain him of his life force.

Soon, the people surrounding the Prince noticed he was becoming very ill. Guards were posted at the Prince’s bedroom door, but they would always fall asleep while on duty at night, a result of the cat’s magick.

One guard, named Ito Soda (non-carbonated I’d expect), would pray for the Prince and requested to guard him while he slept. Soda did not fall prey to the Cat’s sleeping spell and The Cat of Nabeshima could not continue to drain the Prince.


As the Vampire Cat realized she was not going to be able to feed while Soda protected the Prince, she left the Prince’s side. Soda tracked the shape shifting creature down and attacked her. Unable to win the confrontation with Soda, the Vampire Cat regained her true feline from and fled into the wilderness.

After hearing of Soda’s revelations about his lover, Nabeshima ordered that the cat be hunted down and destroyed, a task they believed they accomplished. However, sightings of the Vampire Cat of Nabeshima persisted, with the last reported sighting taking place as late as 1929.

There are also several versions of this story as well with slight differences to the tale, but this represents the oldest account.

You can see more of the cuter and most likely more safe to cuddle with Loki the Vampire Cat here at her Instagram account. 

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Tales of Old Japan/ Mail)

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