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Singer Kerry Katona is Haunted by Ghosts?


Thirty-Four Year old Kerry Katona, who sings in the all girl pop group Atomic Kitten, has recently stated that she she thinks she is experiencing a haunting.

Believing the situation to be serious, the pop star got her house in Oxfordshire cleansed by a psychic medium.

The paranormal events taking place in the residence even mimicked the infamous Amityville Horror when Katona kept finding large amounts of flies in her home.

Thankfully, these flies did not create too much of a buzz as they were dead, but that still did not make Katona feel any safer, as she feels it is a bit more personal:

Atomic Kitten

Atomic Kitten

“I don’t think it was the house, I think it’s me that’s haunted. People think I’m mad but I have always believed there is something around that’s following me.

A team of people came round to investigate what was going on. I have voice recordings on my phone of this thing talking to us. Laura (from my agent’s office) was with me when the team came round – she was crying, she was that scared by what she heard.

At the old [haunted]  house, we had an en suite in the spare bedroom. Every time we walked in the bathroom, the room was full of dead flies. There were hundreds… After we had the house blessed, they never appeared again.”

Perhaps the ghosts are just fans of Katona’s singing talents??

Either that or something is very off key indeed.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Times of India)


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