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Ghosts at Old WW2 Munitions Factory?

WW2 Factory

In the Pall Mall area of Liverpool, several WW2 era bombs were found in an abandoned factory while demolition makes way for the North Point renovation project.

Although that story is interesting enough in its own right, an urban explorer who goes by the name of Toc66 later went into the disused factory before it was demolished and snapped a series of pictures, which were later published online by the Liverpool Echo.

Echo readers online began to comment that besides getting a glimpse at history and a location that was also recently in the local news, they could see objects of a more ghostly origin as well.

Among the shots Toc66 took, pictures number eight and nine seem to be getting the most attention, with a couple readers seeing something in the corner of the room in this photo and one person going so far to claim she could see a little girl in Victorian dress:

ghost girl use

I have circled what I would think that person was referring to, although it could be anything and I don’t get why ghosts are always in Victorian dress.

Must be a ‘spooky fashion’ thing.

That same reader also refers to image number nine, in which people have claimed to see ‘orbs’:

orbs ghosts real pics


Honestly, it is easy enough to logically debunk that one because in an old disused factory that probably has not had anything going on inside its bowels for quite a long time, there is this thing that gathers all over the place, and they call it dust if I remember correctly.

Nuff said.

What do you guys think of these ghost photographs? Are they the real deal or are people on the internet today really bored and gullible?

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Liverpool Echo)

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