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Over Four Hundred Ghost ‘Emergency’ Calls in Manchester

Halloween_scared_phone_callThe Daily Star reported that four-hundred and sixteen people called Manchester’s emergency ‘999’ phone line to reports ghost sightings in the last five years.

Although it only gave a brief glimpse into the calls themselves they are jam packed with spirits from homicidal ghosts, to a picture of a little ghost girl and a woman who claimed someone turned her son into a witch.

Sounds more like 666 then 999 to me.

One man called in to have the police come and remove a ghost from the bedroom in his home after he said his daughter had snapped a picture of a ‘very scary’ ghostly little girl.

The woman whose son was turned into a witch by some unknown culprit also claimed to have people in her house that could ‘walk through walls.’

A quick thinking caller from near Trafford Stadium requested the Ghostbusters after claiming he could see spirits. However there is no word on whether Bill Murray and the gang ever showed up to assist the caller.

ghosts neg

Finally the last published account was of a woman from Bolton that told operators that she had been attacked by an evil ghost in her attic.

Most likely a very high number of these calls were made by either prank callers, mentally ill individuals or people on some kind of bad drug or drinking binge, but they are also interesting and show us where some ghost stories may have their origins.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via The Daily Star)

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