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Audio of ‘Ghost Dog’ Caught on Tape at Plas Teg

Ghost Dog

The Daily Post recently published an article online which tells the tale of Paul Rowland, a paranormal investigator who seems to have been witness to many strange events going on at Plas Teg, a Jacobean house in Pontblyddyn, Wales.

In the past Rowland claims to have captured the images of two ghost children on the infamous property which has been the subject of much exposure and debate including being featured on Extreme Ghost Stories and Most Haunted, including their Halloween event in 2007.

Plas Teg even had a visit from the pop  group Girls Aloud in 2006 for the television special Ghost Hunting With…Girls Aloud.

Although Plas Teg is considered one of the most haunted locations in Wales, if not the world, recently it added another notch on it’s paranormal belt when Rowland claimed to have captured the audio of a barking ghost dog during a seance held at Plas Teg.

Rowland states that the audio was recorded on March 5th when he and about a dozen or more other people recorded the seance they took part in at Plas Teg with a ‘recording box’ of Rowland’s own design capturing the event.

The recording box picked up an audio phenomenon,which those present immediately identified as possibly being the bark of a dog:

Plas Teg

Plas Teg

Rowland himself tells the tale behind the clip:

“It is quite unusual to get something so clear and to record something like this is really amazing.

The [seance] group were sat in the Regency Room around a table with a spirit board, but were getting virtually no results and getting quite frustrated.

There was a suggestion to put the recording box on the table and they called out for spirits to come forward…About ten minutes later, it started making chirping noises and all of a sudden there was this dog barking.

There is no logical explanation for why a dog would be barking, there were no dogs in the house and it can’t have come from outside as the nearest road is 300 metres away.”

Indeed the very brief snippet of audio it does sound like a dog is barking, but is it truly a ghostly pooch from beyond the grave or does this paranormal evidence belong in the dog house?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thomas Spychalski

(Via Daily Post)

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