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Pair of Ghostly Children photographed in Wales


A recently published post on the internet brought to light a pair of photographs by The Haunted Hunts paranormal investigation group, which were both taken at The Pen-Y-Lan Hall in Ruabon, Wales.

The photos were taken on two separate dates by two different photographers in different parts of Pen-Y-Lan Hall and it’s grounds but they appear to show the eerie faces of a ghost boy and a ghost girl.

The photo of the boy was taken outside the hall in August of 2015 and it is said on closer inspection of the window on the far upper right of the shot shows it to contain the ghostly face of a young boy, quite near the location where a nursery was once present in the past:


This one I am pretty skeptical about.

I can kind of see a face, but even for something I know is just my mind playing tricks and not the genuine article, this one seems pretty poor to me:

Close Up of 'Face'

Close Up of ‘Face’

The second photo was taken inside the hall during one of The Haunted Hunts investigation tours to Pen-Y-Lan hall and was taken by a tour guest.

While I am still pretty sure it is just my mind making sense out of random shapes, it is visually much more impressive then the one above and even a tiny bit creepy:


While no one can know for sure if these photos are of ghosts or not, they are interesting and hopefully the more they investigate Pen-Y-Lan the more impressive evidence they will come up with.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via BT/The Haunted Hunts)


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