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School Closed After Students Aggravate Ghosts


A school in Kelantan, Malaysia was shut down last week after students and staff reported the presence of a ‘Djinn’ or ghost.

SKM Pengkalan Chepa 2 school has now reopened after a few exorcisms by holy men and a witch doctor.

The ghost was  caught on a camera phone by a student at SKM Pengkalan and was posted to Twitter under the screen name @PhilipGolingai.

The reason for the haunting has been lain at the feet of an interesting party…the children who attend the school.

Although we reported on a remotely similar case of a school being closed due to possession by ghosts in Kenya in 2013, the blame in that case was put on demonic possession and possible witchcraft.

The officials at the school in Malaysia theorize that the students themselves may have angered the spirits by leaving trash around the school.

While it is possible this is simply another case of mass hysteria, some staff and students at the school have reported seeing a black figure in the hallways of the school while one teacher at the school went as far as to say a black figure had attempted to enter her body.

Of course no one can prove one way or another if this is a legitimate haunting or simply local cultural beliefs allowing people to let their imaginations run wild.

Was the school actually haunted by this black figure or was this a case of mass hysteria?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via The Mirror)


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