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Ghost Girl Haunts Macquarie Fields Train Station


Macquarie Fields train station was built in 1888 just outside the city of Sydney, Australia and has remained in use as a train station for the area ever since.

Along the way the train station has acquired more then just lost baggage and passengers who missed their train.

Macquarie Fields is also the home of a ghostly girl that appears at the station long after all the trains have stopped running at night and the passengers are all at their destinations.

This lost spirit has seemed to have lost her ticket to the other side…

The ghostly girl has been spotted sitting on the tracks either staring at people as they pass by or just crying, and it has been said you can also hear her scream at times as well at night after the station has closed.

One report tells of a teenage ghost girl with blood staining the front of her dress who will roam aimlessly along the station’s platform.

Macquarie Fields railway station australia ghost girl

According to Wikipedia, there was a woman who would meet her demise at Macquarie Fields, when a woman by the name of Emily Gengeson was struck and killed by a train in July of 1906.

Are the sightings of a ghost at Macquarie Fields train station genuine? Is the ghost girl the lost soul of Emily Gengeson or some other sprit or is it an urban legend created by locals to relieve the boredom waiting for the next train to arrive?

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Thomas Spychalski


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