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Reader’s Creepers: “Something Weird Happened at Two A.M.”


Welcome to News From the Spirit World’s True life Paranormal Stories, sent to us by NFSW readers from around the world, and the first one is an interesting tale that although strange, scary and downright creepy, might have a logical solution.

If you have a similar story or any paranormal experience, photos, audio or video you would like to share with us, you can always submit it to the NFSW Facebook Page or the NFSW Reddit Sub and it could end up being published here on the main site.

We surely got a great tale to start with from “F” on our Reddit page…what would you do if it were late at night, you were alone in your bed when it felt like something might have crawled into your bed with you?

Then you try to scream, but nothing comes out…

Here is the story “F” told us in her own words, only slightly edited for content and clarity:

“I’m not entirely sure if this story is paranormal or not, but it certainly freaked me the hell out, and I know for a fact that there was no possible way I could have hallucinated this. I guarantee that this is 100% true.

There is almost no backstory to this event, as it most likely wasn’t triggered by any events in my daily routine. I’ve never done any sort of satanic ritual, or used a Ouija board or anything like that. To be honest, I don’t know why the hell this happened, but here’s what happened…

I had woken up in the middle of the night at around two A.M. Not unusual for me, and I felt incredibly awake. Not remotely drowsy or half asleep.

But as I had to go and do a few hours of pretty difficult volunteer work later that day, I pulled the covers over my head and tried to get back to sleep.

girl in bed

I laid in bed for minutes, trying to force myself back into sleep but it didn’t work. I was just far too awake. So I simply laid there, with the covers over my head and my eyes open, thinking about the crazy stuff that happened this year, when I feel something small and quite light crawl on top of the sheets over my legs.

I don’t own any sort of pet, but if I hadn’t told you that, you may have assumed it was a cat or a dog wanting to snuggle up to me. But no, I have no pets, so this strange feeling of a light, four-legged animal crawl over me during the middle of the night was an immediate alarm that something was seriously wrong.

I wanted to sit up and see what it was, but there was something indescribable that made me freeze exactly where I was. Completely motionless. Trying to control my breathing so my chest didn’t rise and fall noticeably. Trying to control my heartbeat so it was quiet and slow, but that was impossible for obvious reasons.

Then I felt a hand push down on my chest. Hard. On my ribs, maybe just a little higher. I couldn’t move. I wanted to, but I couldn’t.

It wouldn’t have been my mum. There’s no way in hell she would go into my room and push down on my chest so hard it hurt whilst she thought I was asleep. She just wouldn’t do that. And besides, I felt four legs like a cat or some animal when it crawled over my legs. I can’t explain why the hand felt human when I felt four small legs.

Then I tried to scream. Nothing came out. It should have: I put all my energy into that scream, but it was silent. It seemed like my body wasn’t under my control, and something was preventing me from doing the things I wanted to.

The covers were still over my head, so I couldn’t see a thing. I was panicking, but it stopped suddenly.

I flung the covers off myself, and saw nothing. There was nothing there. My bedroom door was shut. There was no way an animal could have gotten in. I don’t have pets. And my mum wouldn’t do something like that…

So what the hell happened? I’ve got no explanation.

I know it happened. I was sure of it. I know it happened because I stayed awake for another half an hour watching YouTube videos to take my mind off it, and trying to calm myself down from a bit of a panic attack.

Whatever happened wasn’t normal. I know that.

This story took place last night, so if something strange happens again tonight and any night after, I’ll let you guys know…”

Pretty creepy stuff to be sure, but I love “F’s” inquisitive nature, and always admire when someone is looking to science and logic to explain a paranormal event first, especially in the days of multiple ghost hunting television shows with questionable production values and pictures of dust claiming to be ‘orbs’ …it is actually refreshing.

“F’s” tale made me immediately think of an experience I had myself in the recent past while attempting to quit smoking using nicotine patches. The patch has been known to induce nightmares in certain subjects and for me it brought another sleep based aberration: sleep paralysis.

Usually sleep paralysis will occur when a person is either about to fall asleep or is beginning to wake up and it involves some of the exact symptoms “F” describes in her story above.

A painting from 1781 by John Fuseli titled "The Nightmare," which depicted the feelings brought on by Sleep Paralysis

A painting from 1781 by John Fuseli titled “The Nightmare,” which depicted the feelings brought on by Sleep Paralysis.

Additionally over the centuries, sleep paralysis has been the cause of many false reports of ghosts, demonic possession and other now questionable paranormal experiences.

However, through the personal experience of having sleep paralysis occur to your humble NFSW editor on two separate occasions, I can assure you that the experience is one that I feel is so frighting and so odd from anything you might have experienced before that it is easy to see how someone could mistake the symptoms of sleep paralysis for the paranormal.

Reported symptoms include:

  • An inability to move your body, open your eyes or speak
  • A feeling of a weight on your chest, sometimes as if someone is sitting on it
  • Feelings that someone is in the room with you or watching you. Some people have actually experienced hallucinations of figures, most commonly at the end of their beds

Sleep paralysis is believed to be caused by the fact while you are experiencing REM sleep, your brain must shut down your bodies motor functions and speech to stop you acting out your dreams. The subject awakes while this process is occurring leading to all the symptoms described above and more.

Well “F”, we were happy to find a probable cause for your experience that gave you some clarity on the matter and a bit of peace as well.

I also want to thank you for sharing that story with us and if anything else ever happens or you have an update we hope you let us know.

And remember we want to hear YOUR true life paranormal stories and see your paranormal photos and videos as well. If you have something to share with us, please stop by the News From the Spirit World Facebook Page or the NFSW Reddit Sub and let us know, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

Extra Special Thanks to Dolce Vita for the suggested title for this category of posts! We have covered Dolce before on these pages and you can read more about her and her work by clicking here now or by visiting her Facebook Page.

Thomas Spychalski

(Via NFSW Reddit Sub)


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