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Ghosts on the ‘Move’ in Malacca Village



A strange rash of hauntings has arisen in the village of Kampung Lapan in Malaysia and one Mohd Zamri Bashir, a local medical practitioner believes he has the answer.

In an article published by the New Straits Times and quoted by Free Malaysia Today online, Bashir claims that the ghosts that haunt the village are actually moving or migrating from place to place, apparently to be able to explain the large number of purported paranormal events in the area.

We have heard of many kinds of apparitions, ghosts or spirits and indeed some tales say they move either to follow an individual or an object but never have we heard of them migrating to sit in tress as in the above ‘ghost’ photograph.

But according to Bashir, this is exactly the case, that these ‘Jinns‘ are migrating to different locations across the local area:

“These creatures are like humans. They are migrating from one place to another…

In such instances, the apparitional disturbances are only temporary and will end when the creatures head for their next destination.”

Additionally, Bashir was quoted as saying that these Jinns were able to take both Human and animal forms and that rise in paranormal activity was possibly due to certain unnamed individuals “dumping ghosts” in Kampung Lapan.

Mohd Zamri Bashir

Mohd Zamri Bashir

In my opinion the picture of the ‘ghosts’ leaves much to be desired and the idea of the village working as some sort of ghostly stop over along a longer journey elsewhere and the idea that someone was dumping ghosts in the area seem a bit far fetched.

Perhaps the ghosts found better accommodations elsewhere and are truly moving house but more likely this is a case of local superstition and an outbreak of coincidence and overactive imaginations, not ghosts.

Besides why would ghosts need to move, to avoid higher property tax or just get away from those pesky Human neighbors who sleep all night and make noise all day?

What do you guys think?

Let us know in the comments below!

Thomas Spychalski

(Via FMT)


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