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Scottish Footballer Encounters Ghost Nun in Limerick Convent


Jordan Moore, a forward for football teams such as Dundee United, Airedrie United and Queen’s Park and who also battled skin cancer in 2014 was back in the news today for the  strange events he claims to have had while trying to rejuvenate his career  while recently playing for Limerick in Ireland.

Moore claims that a man threatened to ‘send him home in a box’ if he broke a treadmill, that the local pub was run by the mob and that the club would pay him some of his wages he was owed for playing by getting change from the club burger van!

Although some in Limerick have accused Moore of an overactive imagination about their home and making up stories to explain why he left Limerick and went back to Scotland, Moore also talked about how the old convent the club had him stay in was haunted and that a nun had committed suicide in the very room he slept in!

Here is Moore’s account of his experiences:

“I stayed in an old convent. The front garden was a graveyard.

The other boys were all local so I stayed there myself. I just had a room in an old chapel and it was scary at night because of all the ghost stories.

A nun had committed suicide in my room and the grave stone in the garden overturned. One of the things on it was ‘Room 106’ and that was the room I was in!

I heard stuff all the time. There was the sound of scraping on the walls inside the room every night. I swear this is true. My team-mates couldn’t believe I was living there but to rent somewhere was going to be £800 a month and I didn’t know how long I was going to be there.

Was I scared? 100 per cent I was. I would lock the door and my window before going to bed. I was there on my own – and it was massive – pretty much all the time.”

Now of course this could be just what some in the press and indeed in Limerick are saying, that he is just making up tall tales and the information presently available does not name the convent so it is hard to verify the claims that such a convent exists in that location.

That said it does make an interesting story…what do you guys think? Was Moore in a haunted convent or is he just try to wiggle out of trying to talk about why he abruptly left his most recent football club and went home?

-Thomas Spychalski

(Via Daily Record)


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