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MLB Pitcher Chases Ghosts During Downtime


Colorado Rockies starting pitcher Jon Gray is only in his second year pitching for a Major League Baseball club, but at twenty-four years old already shows promise to be a major contributor to his team.

While surely Jon Gray will still be throwing sliders and acquiring strike outs for years to come, he also has an interest in paranormal investigation, which he does in his spare time away from baseball.

Gray formed his interest from his own encounter with the paranormal, which happened when he was just ten years old.

That experience made Jon Curious enough to trade in his pitcher’s mitt for a tape recorder and K2 reader in the off season…

According to, Gray’s experience as a child made him think that: “Maybe [the paranormal] is real”, and it inspired him to have a life long interest in the subject as well as go out and investigate on his own.

Although the pitcher has not been a part of any investigation that has reached the proportions of him throwing a shut out or winning the Cy Young Award, it at least shows honesty in his efforts and a desire to discover the truth about a haunted location, not sensationalism:

“I’ve investigated three times now and I haven’t seen anything, but just that one time [when I was ten]…made me a believer.

Besides a weird feeling every now and then, I haven’t had any hard evidence…My backpack’s been moved before, but that’s all. I haven’t caught any voices or any visual evidence.”

Gray does like to do his investigations alone though, and also believes that there is indeed a ‘dark side’ to  paranormal phenomena that people should be wary of coming in contact with:

“I usually go by myself.

My dad’s been with me twice, my wife’s been with me twice, too. She’s not into it as much as me. She likes it; she thinks it’s fun. She’s kind of scared, I think.

I do believe there is a dark side, like demons. You gotta stay away from them and never provoke.”

Either way it is nice to see professionals in other fields acknowledge that there could be something to the paranormal and that not every time you step out onto the “field” will result in a home run every time at bat.

Thomas Spychalski



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